What is PCM?

Process Communication is an innovative tool which enables you to understand, motivate, and communicate more effectively with others. People have experienced greater success and power in their personal and professional lives after learning and applying the principles of Process Communication. So can you.

Dr. Taibi Kahler, of Little Rock, Arkansas, discovered how to identify and respond appropriately to patterns of productive behavior (successful communication) and non-productive behavior (miscommunication) second by second. In 1978 NASA took advantage of this discovery by using PCM in the selection, placement, and training of astronauts. Today, tens of thousands of people, from astronauts to entrepreneurs, have put these distinctions to work for themselves. Find out for yourself just how you can gain greater success, even with that difficult person.

Process Communication is being used successfully as a management tool, as a vehicle to improve salesmanship, as a powerful marketing survey tool,as a political polling tool, as a dynamic tool for making speeches more effective, as a potent mentoring tool to reach elements of society who are in trouble with the law, and as an incredible educational tool that helps all students succeed in the classroom.

     PCM Seminars & Training Programs

  • Discover PCM
  • Communication Essentials  
  • High Performing Teams
  • Quailty Educator Relations
  • How to Relate to Your Mate
  • Process Parenting
  • Process Mentoring

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"I had the opportunity help an employee who was having personal problems and identifying her type which opened a way to approach her and help her."

                               Heathcare Manager